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Let The Great VR Wars Begin

Many things have been unraveled during GDC 2017 with Oculus making headlines for the release of Robo Recall and the $200 price slash on the Oculus Rift bundle. The company has made it possible for more of the general public to purchase their headsets at a more affordable price of $600. While that isn’t the lowest […]

Hulu Will Be Releasing 2 Exclusive VR Shows

Hulu is one of the premiere subscription based video services on the current market. And with subscription based TV services shifting over to the online/mobile platform, Hulu only looks to get bigger. Recently, they have announced the release of 2 exclusive shows for the VR market. The first show will be called The Big Picture: News in […]

Become virtually social with AltspaceVR

Playing in virtual games can be like a big social gathering with friends. Games and scenarios are most often the same activity for bonding with our real friends. AltspaceVR is a play and meet up space in outer space to engage in activities such as video streaming, attending events, playing games, and hanging out with […]