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Matterport Releases The Largest VR Library of Real World Places

Lately, there’s been a handful of companies releasing robust applications for the VR industry that ventures outside of the gaming world. Matterport happens to be one of them. This immersive media platform company allows you to create 3D models of real physical locations that can be explored in virtual reality through the use VR headsets. Matterport currently has over 250,000 existing locations documented […]

Hulu Will Be Releasing 2 Exclusive VR Shows

Hulu is one of the premiere subscription based video services on the current market. And with subscription based TV services shifting over to the online/mobile platform, Hulu only looks to get bigger. Recently, they have announced the release of 2 exclusive shows for the VR market. The first show will be called The Big Picture: News in […]

Become virtually social with AltspaceVR

Playing in virtual games can be like a big social gathering with friends. Games and scenarios are most often the same activity for bonding with our real friends. AltspaceVR is a play and meet up space in outer space to engage in activities such as video streaming, attending events, playing games, and hanging out with […]

ExVRience Relaxation In The Virtual World

New games are fast coming out to the market in the world of technological revolution. A lot of virtual games with different genres and categories are enticing players to try out VR such as horror, action adventure, sports and many others. There are some games that can result to positive or negative feelings after playing, affecting […]