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Let The Great VR Wars Begin

Many things have been unraveled during GDC 2017 with Oculus making headlines for the release of Robo Recall and the $200 price slash on the Oculus Rift bundle. The company has made it possible for more of the general public to purchase their headsets at a more affordable price of $600. While that isn’t the lowest […]

Meet Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has just released this morning a preview of their upcoming gaming console called Nintendo Switch. This gaming system has been previously referred to as Nintendo ‘NX.’ And this product by Nintendo is highly different from that of its competitors. Here’s what we mean. Nintendo Switch has been created to be mobile. While it has the capabilities to […]

PSVR Pushes For Virtual Reality Glory

With all the recent announcements that happened at the E3 conference it’s no wonder that VR has been making commotion, especially Playstation’s VR sector. Sony Playstation is one one of the two leading gaming consoles in the world and they are in prime position to make their mark in the virtual reality world with the […]

Virtual Reality E-Sports

Everyone, get ready! Virtual reality games aren’t too far from joining the e-sports leagues! Yes, there aren’t enough VR games on the platform yet. Yes, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift just released a few days ago. But, we like to think big and think into the future. With that in mind, let’s dive into some […]