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Spider-Man: Homecoming PSVR Experience Full Playthrough

Sony has recently released Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience for playstation VR where you’ll be slinging the web just like Peter Parker in the movies. Guided by the helpful artificial intelligence unit built into the new Spider-Man suit, Spider-Man: Homecoming VR offers players the chance to suit up as the superhero, hone your web-shooting skills, and sling high above New […]

Theseus Coming to PlayStation VR

Throughout history, mankind has always been fascinated about the Greek Gods and the lore that comes with it. From the great Zeus, to the mighty Titans, we’ve heard the fascinating tales told over and over again. Authors have even taken up their pens to write their own versions of the Greek tragedies. But Forge Reply looks […]

Sony PlayStation VR Rumored to Release ‘Mortal Blitz’ Tomorrow

“Blitz through your enemies” with Sony PlaySation VR’s new, next level ‘Mortal Blitz,’ a First-Person Shooter (FPS)/Action game. In this game, the player becomes ‘Yuhei’ ex- F.O.R.C.E. (governmental elite soldiers), and fights in the mission to thwart the evil plans of the Dominion’s Teratoma Destruction Plan. As a special agent trapped in the depths of […]

The Invisible Hours: Uncover VR’s Deepest Murder Mystery Narrative to Date

Tequila Works and GameTrust have just announced their new VR game, The Invisible Hours. In this complex murder mystery, players freely explore an intricate web of interwoven stories to uncover which character murdered their host, famed scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla. The Invisible Hours takes place in a Tesla’s sprawling, antiquated mansion laboratory in the early […]