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Ubisoft And Renault Partner Up To Allow Drivers To Experience VR Inside Autonomous Cars

You’d think that using VR while driving would be a dangerous combination but Ubisoft and Renault don’t think so. Recently, the two companies announced a joint venture which will allow drivers to experience VR while the autonomous car drives itself. Ubisoft has revealed a virtual reality experience designed specifically for Renault’s autonomous vehicles. Ubisoft describes […]

Q1 VR Report: Samsung Gear VR Dominates Market

Today, Business Insider reported that Samsung’s Gear VR took the lion’s share of the VR market in Q1 for 2017 with the shipment of approximately 782,000 headsets according to market intelligence firm SuperData Research. The Gear VR sales more than doubled second place competitor, Sony’s PlayStation VR, which shipped an estimated 375,000 headsets. Meanwhile third-, fourth-, and fifth-place […]