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Have You Played: Goaltender VR

Playing games in virtual reality is always fun. But when you add in the sports element it becomes even better. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to one of the recent VR games we got to play called Goaltender VR. This is a fun casual experience where your job is to stop as many […]

The Climb VR Game Is On Sale For $9.99

The Climb VR is one of the top VR experiences made for the Oculus Rift. Using your Touch controllers, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to climb the most extreme environments with some unbelievable sights. Usually, the game costs $49.99 but in a surprise event, Crytek has lowered the price down to $9.99. […]

Huge Updates Released For Gunheart

Drifter Entertainment has announced some big updates for their popular FPS VR game, Gunheart. This is their third update for the early access title which features an entirely new campaign with new script and VO spanning 9 story missions. Drifter Entertainment’s Creative Director Brian Murphy released a video detailing all the changes you will see […]