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Meet Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has just released this morning a preview of their upcoming gaming console called Nintendo Switch. This gaming system has been previously referred to as Nintendo ‘NX.’ And this product by Nintendo is highly different from that of its competitors. Here’s what we mean. Nintendo Switch has been created to be mobile. While it has the capabilities to […]

Nintendo NX Preview Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo has been hard at work on their next generation console called Nintendo NX. They released tidbits of information throughout the year but have gotten away without revealing anything concrete. Many have been speculating just what type of gaming system it’ll be. Would it be a contender to Sony’s Playstation or Microsoft’s Xbox? No one […]

Nintendo NX Might Incorporate VR Technology

Nintendo has recently announced its global release of the Nintendo NX for March 2017. They haven’t been a true contender in terms of console sales since the N64 but Nintendo is trying to make the big comeback. Possible VR capabilities with Nintendo NX Nintendo’s camp has been pretty hush hush about the upcoming console. However, at […]