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Watch Hulu Virtually On The Samsung Gear

Traditionally, we watch Hulu on the internet through a PC or tablet. But Hulu and Samsung decided they wanted to add a little more flavor to how we watch Hulu. So the two released Hulu on the Samsung Gear VR. Now you’ll be able to enjoy Hulu in a virtual reality world, watching your favorite movies […]

ADR1FT Clair De Lune VR Trailer

A new game called ADR1Ft’s Clair De Lune There’s been a developing game recently called Adr1ft that’s been blowing our minds with teasers about an astronaut in space. A new trailer has recently come out that depicts an astronaut who you control being in some kind of bad situation aboard a space station. The trailer […]

Sulon Q

What is Sulon Q Sulon Q is a VR and AR headset console that’s powered by AMD (tech manufacturing company). It’s suppose to rival the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with a high-end processor and imaging. And not only does this unit display VR but it is positioned to display AR (augmented reality) as well! […]

Star Wars VR game Leaked!

Check out the latest Star Wars VR game called Trials on Tatooine that has been leaked from Lucas Films. It looks to be HTC Vive compatible and set on the world of Tatooine with the ability to weild a lightsaber. We’ll be updating you on the latest when we get more information about this latest […]