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Magic Leap Releases New Video

Magic Leap has been full of headlines this year. From their sex discrimination lawsuit to another round of funding, the stealth startup has been able to make a lot of noise around their company. However, they have yet to deliver any concrete proof of their upcoming product and the mixed reality technology that they’ve been working on […]

Disney Research Shows How People Can Catch Real Balls In The Virtual World

The Disney Research team is a specialized branch of the company that works on delivering scientific and technological innovations. From working on autonomous robots to developing efficient rendering techniques, Disney Research works on many fronts in the technology world. And recently, the Disney Research team unveiled a new project that involved catching a real ball in virtual reality. […]

The Bold 5 Year Prediction in VR

During the keynotes today at the Oculus Connect 3 event, Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash gave a presentation depicting the next 5 years for virtual reality. Michael believes that while VR technology is impressive today, the next 5 years of evolution in technology will make the current one look prehistoric. The 7 verticals of change in […]