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Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Facebook’s New AR Filters

One day after Snapchat’s announcements about their new updated products and AR filters, Mark Zuckerberg announced their very own AR filters for Instagram. “New face filters on Instagram today!” Zuckerberg announced. “This one’s my favorite so far. These kinds of effects are how we’ll experience augmented reality for the first time. This is just the beginning.” […]

Marvel Entertainment: Absolutely Expect Some Announcements in VR

Marvel Entertainment recently disclosed that the company is setting its sights on VR. In a recent interview with Gamespot, Jay Ong, Marvel’s Senior VP of Games and Innovations, released information that the company will be announcing VR news that fans are sure to be wild about. “It’s going to be exciting here,” said Ong. “Absolutely expect some announcements in VR, […]

Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Beta for First Augmented Reality Platform Today at F8

This morning marked the opening of Facebook’s F8 developer conference where Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they are making “the first mainstream augmented reality platform.” A closed beta version of this platform launches today for specific groups and individuals. According to Zuckerberg, people are moving away from text and embracing the camera’s benefit for social interaction. […]

Facebook Recruits Executive Producer Rachel Franklin of ‘The Sims’ as Head of Social VR

Through the eye’s of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook envisions to be the largest social VR platform in the future. With the tall task of achieving this goal, Facebook recently hired Rachel Rubin Franklin, former VP of ‘The Sims’ at EA. Rachel was highly visible throughout the Oculus Connect 3 conference that took place last week. She was a prominent […]