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Meet Cubit: A Mixed Reality Virtual Design Tool

Plott has recently announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for Cubit, a mixed reality virtual design tool. Using a unique measuring tool, Cubit allows creators to visualize, and ultimately realize, their creative projects by gathering, organizing and managing data on their behalf with a single device. Plott combines mixed reality and advances measuring technology to […]

Experience What It’s Like To Re-Accommodate People Off Of Airplanes Like United Airlines In This Upcoming VR Game

After the horrific incident that occurred aboard United Airlines (where a passenger named David Dao was “re-accommodated”), a game developer named Beat Boxer LLC has managed to start a VR game called Voluntary Disembarkment that simulates a similar experience. Voluntary Disembarkment will square you up against passengers to re-accommodate them off the plane. You must voluntarily eject overbooked […]