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Let The Great VR Wars Begin

Many things have been unraveled during GDC 2017 with Oculus making headlines for the release of Robo Recall and the $200 price slash on the Oculus Rift bundle. The company has made it possible for more of the general public to purchase their headsets at a more affordable price of $600. While that isn’t the lowest […]

Oculus Touch Priced at $199, Shipping December 6th

Today, Oculus unveiled the final iteration of the Oculus Touch controllers to the public including the release date and price. They let us know that the motion tracked controllers will be available to the public starting December 6th, at $199. Pre-orders for the Touch will start on October 10th. Currently, the Rift utilizes Xbox One controllers to […]

No Word Yet On Apple’s VR Announcement

Every September, Apple goes on to make some big announcements in regards to their hardware and software. This year, they unveiled the iPhone 7 and the plus size model to the world. There’s been rumors floating around that Apple has a VR team swiftly and secretly at work. It’s been speculated that they might unveil […]