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Wonderglade’s ‘Bistro Basher’ Appeals to your Inner ID…and it Hurts so Good

Do you ever just want to smash something to smithereens? Turns out you’re not alone in this cathartic fantasy… Daydream’s highest rated game, Wonderglade, added new content yesterday that encourages you to break shit in a fancy French restaurant, no questions asked. Mon Dieu! Bistro Basher, Wonderglade’s latest mini-game, lets you “enjoy a dinnertime tantrum without anyone expecting you to pay the bill […]

NextVR Partners Up With Fox To Bring The WBC Heavy Weight Championship Fight Tonight In VR

NextVR has been accomplishing many of their goals and agenda by constantly streaming major sporting events in VR. The VR company has recently wrapped a successful coverage during the NBA All-Star weekend where they broadcasted content during skill-challenges and matches. NextVR looks to stream another big event tonight in VR with the live broadcast of the WBC […]