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1 Million People Now Use Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is now used by 1 million people to experience virtual reality. Palmer Luckey, The founder of Oculus, publicly announced that 1 million people adopted the Gear VR headset. This is big news as it shows the growing popularity of virtual reality as a whole. This product was co-created by Samsung and Oculus […]

Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera Already Sold Out

Samsung’s upcoming consumer grade 360 camera was up for pre-orders today in South Korea. Within minutes of the launch, all of the pre-orders were sold out. With the high demand of virtual reality camera devices, Samsung’s new flagship 360 cameras seems to be an instant hit. The price point for the Samsung Gear 360 camera was […]

Watch Hulu Virtually On The Samsung Gear

Traditionally, we watch Hulu on the internet through a PC or tablet. But Hulu and Samsung decided they wanted to add a little more flavor to how we watch Hulu. So the two released Hulu on the Samsung Gear VR. Now you’ll be able to enjoy Hulu in a virtual reality world, watching your favorite movies […]