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The Unspoken VR Tournament Finalists Announced With Big Prizes on the Line

Oculus has just announced the finalists to the first ever The Unspoken VR Tournament. The eight players include Charizard, L_Lugia, CloudExSoldier, NerdBurglar, Vidman321, Ariverajo2857, ServError, and Thavex. These competitive players are set to duke it out tomorrow in NYC at the flagship Microsoft Store. The tournament pool prizes include $3K in cash and the grand prize of […]

Pokemon Go Has Just Passed $1 Billion In Revenue

Pokemon Go created something never seen before in the mobile gaming app industry (in terms of popularity). The world went into a frenzy where millions of people simultaneously went outside trying to catch the digital Pokemon. Hoards of crowds gathered in public areas from morning til dusk trying to catch rare Pokemon such as Charizard, Blastoise, […]