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Sulon Q Magic Bean Demo

Sulon Q Magic Bean Demo Sulon Q released this super cool demo of how their headset console works and performs. This video demonstrates the Sulon using the surrounding environment to immerse the user into a VR and AR world. This specific scenario tells a tale of the Magic Bean. It’s super awesome! Check it out! This […]

Sulon Q

What is Sulon Q Sulon Q is a VR and AR headset console that’s powered by AMD (tech manufacturing company). It’s suppose to rival the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with a high-end processor and imaging. And not only does this unit display VR but it is positioned to display AR (augmented reality) as well! […]

Meet The Microsoft Hololens

What is it? The Microsoft Hololens is the first holographic computer of its kind that displays augmented reality. It’s suppose to deliver a holographic experience in real world settings and environments by adding digital enhancements to the physical object or location. The Hololens is functional by being mounted on your head with a  glass visor in […]