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Catch The VR & FUN Team At CES 2017

The VR & Fun team will be live at the CES convention covering all the latest technology and gadgetry from the leading VR and AR companies. There’s many rumors floating around about new hardware being unveiled at the show. We’ll be bringing you in-depth coverage of the future technology and the dynamics of change in the […]

Twitter VR Team

The magic of virtual reality and augmented reality has been seeping through the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley. With the likes of Google, Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, and more mixed in the new tech game, we’re starting to see a rise from a lot of other companies such as Twitter. Twitter has started their […]

Watch Hulu Virtually On The Samsung Gear

Traditionally, we watch Hulu on the internet through a PC or tablet. But Hulu and Samsung decided they wanted to add a little more flavor to how we watch Hulu. So the two released Hulu on the Samsung Gear VR. Now you’ll be able to enjoy Hulu in a virtual reality world, watching your favorite movies […]