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Pokemon Go Has Just Passed $1 Billion In Revenue

Pokemon Go created something never seen before in the mobile gaming app industry (in terms of popularity). The world went into a frenzy where millions of people simultaneously went outside trying to catch the digital Pokemon. Hoards of crowds gathered in public areas from morning til dusk trying to catch rare Pokemon such as Charizard, Blastoise, […]

Catch The VR & FUN Team At CES 2017

The VR & Fun team will be live at the CES convention covering all the latest technology and gadgetry from the leading VR and AR companies. There’s many rumors floating around about new hardware being unveiled at the show. We’ll be bringing you in-depth coverage of the future technology and the dynamics of change in the […]

How To Build A DIY Augmented Reality Sandbox

Everyday there seems to be something cool and awesome coming out for us to try. And today is no exception. Through the great minds at UC Davis, regular folks are now able to create a DIY augmented reality sandbox that forms a geographical topography (it’s cooler than it sounds). Sure, it might take a lot of […]