Home VR News Raw Data Creator Survios Receives Horrible Review On Their New VR Arcade Center

Raw Data Creator Survios Receives Horrible Review On Their New VR Arcade Center

Raw Data Creator Survios Receives Horrible Review On Their New VR Arcade Center

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Survios, creators of Raw Data, has recently launched a new VR arcade inside the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California. The arcade allows users to enjoy a variety of VR experiences using headsets such as the HTC Vive. But one customer who has tried to visit the Survios VR arcade twice has vowed to never go there again.

In a detailed Reddit post, a user named whovrted explained his experience and how awful it was visiting the Survios VR arcade.

Survios just opened a VR arcade in the Del Amo Fashion Center in Southern California. Even as a Vive owner with Raw Data, I was super excited to see what Survios came up with.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so disappointed.

I have tried going twice now. I will not be trying a third time. I suggest you don’t give them a first shot. They are severely, cripplingly understaffed. The first time I went, there were two people working and there was a crowd of, like, 20 people watching people play Richie’s Plank Experience (which was the only thing working and they were offering for free). I was trying to pay to play in one of their ‘pods,’ after nearly 20 minutes of awkwardly standing around the check in area, an employee finally approached me.

He was not friendly…. I know they were crazy busy with teenagers at the free experience, but this guy was in a bad mood. After paying–and I was the only paying customer at the time–I was placed into one of the pods. I wanted to try Survios’ new game Sprint Vector.

It didn’t work. I let the guy know, he assumed I was playing it wrong. But none of the buttons on the controller worked. They tracked, but the buttons and trackpads were unresponsive. After demonstrating the issue, I got moved to another pod. Same issue.

Told the guy again. He was clearly getting annoyed. Moved me to a different bay. STILL DIDN’T WORK. At this point, the guy was getting visibly frustrated and he offered me my money back. I took it.

Thinking that they were just busy on that day (I think they were only open for like a week at this point), I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and vowed to try again another day.

I went back. This time there was only one person working and they were even busier with teenagers playing Richie’s. I waited around for the girl to help me (she was actually super nice), which took quite a while. After waiting and buying another pass, I was placed into another pod.

And the same fucking issue happened again. And again on a different pod. The kind girl acknowledged that this has been more or less a problem since they opened and they can’t fix it. The employee semi-helpfully suggested I try Fruit Ninja, because no buttons are required. I declined and left.

TL;DR: Survios opened up a VR arcade. It’s terrible. It’s severely understaffed. Has at least one rude employee. AND NOTHING WORKS, BUT THEY ARE HAPPY TO LET YOU PAY, ANYWAY.

The new Survios VR arcade seems to be severely understaffed according to the user and not as professional as they should be. The employees couldn’t figure out the issue with the Vive wands on two separate occasions, which left the customer distraught.

They seem to have a “play for free” area where most of the of the visitors are attracted to. And as described by the user, most people seem to be playing Richie’s plank, which is a game where you have to walk onto a virtual plank high up in the sky.


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  1. probably staffed by the Survios team that did Jumanji.. LOL
    well, all joking aside, please be patient, running an arcade is hard work… I even experienced issues while at the Void… so its bound to happen. I know its only VIVE pods, but I bet in a few days they will have the process down to a science.


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