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YouTuber Has Recreated The Super Mario Odyssey Castle In VR

YouTuber Has Recreated The Super Mario Odyssey Castle In VR

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Yesterday we talked about some of the games we would love to see in VR and Super Mario Odyssey was one of them. In an interesting turn of events, a YouTuber by the name of Nimso Ny has built the main Super Mario Odyssey castle in virtual reality where you get to sort of experience what that would be like.

The YouTuber states that the castle was made from scratch and built from the ground up. It has taken him about a weeks time to build from the time he released this video.

In the short VR experience, you can walk through Princess Peach’s castle with locomotion movement and see the interior of the building. There are fancy staricases and even an outdoor area you can visit. The castle is floating in the sky among the clouds which also makes it a visually stimulating experience. The YouTuber said that he will be releasing this demo to the public for VR users to check out in the very near future.

It would be amazing to see this castle in VRChat where users can publicly visit this world in virtual reality. This is fan made and not an official release by Nintendo. As of now, Nintendo doesn’t really have any plans to release any virtual reality experiences. The only thing close to an official release was with Bandai Namco where they licensed Mario Kart and released a virtual reality experience of it over in Japan.

However, if they did release a Super Mario VR experience it would probably rock the whole world.


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  1. Thanks for showcasing this… I’m excited to try and finish it and release it.

    You mentioned in your earlier post that Nathie played a Mario Bros VR experience… Coincidentally I axtually made that too!

    I also released Sonic in VR, again I remade the first level to look right in VR, and gave you the ability to actually run, jump and even spin by physically crouching.

    I’ll bw posting a video when I release the playable project so keep on the look out if you want to play. šŸ˜€


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