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Subnautica Sound Designer Fired After ‘Hateful’ Statements

Subnautica Sound Designer Fired After ‘Hateful’ Statements

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Currently, Subnautica is one of the more popular games in the marketplace where users are able to explore a vast open world under an alien sea. The game is playable in VR on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. And while the team is moving full steam ahead, the game’s sound designer Simon Chylinski has been caught in a storm of controversy after making insensitive and racially discriminatory tweets.

According to Kotaku, Chylinski tweeted out “we need a ‘diversity’ slider in the options. It will make the character progressively darker more feminine and less sexy.”

This was in response to a poll that Subnautica game designer Charlie Cleveland tweeted out, which has been deleted.


charlie cleveland poll

This has led to many Twitter users outcrying about Chylinksi’s remarks and how his tweets were insensitive to gender and race. And as a response, Cleveland told Kotaku that he no longer works for Unknown Worlds (creators of Subnautica).

“Over the weekend we discovered that one of our team members had made many hateful statements online that are against our company values,” said Cleveland. “After discussing the matter with him, we decided to stop working with him immediately.”

This has been confirmed by Chylinski himself after he tweeted out, “So. I just got fired.. :(”

There were many people that chimed into this matter both for and against Simon Chylinski’s terimination with Unknown Worlds. One of those individuals was Jim Sterling who stated, “The Subnautica dev fired a bigot. Some are yelling about censorship, but welcome to employment. Bigots are fired for bigotry all the time, owing to the fact they’re bigots and most people don’t want to work with them.”

Chylinski has since changed his profile picture to a girl. What are your thoughts on Simon Chylinski and him being fired from Unknown Worlds after the series of tweets? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Good move by the subnautica team. Word of warning… fascist trolls are rallying round Chylinski and have said they’re gonna post negative reviews on the game via steam.

    1. Riiiiight, not just “trolls” but “fascist” trolls. Of course. Not that you know or care what any of those words actually mean.

  2. Despite what the general public seems to think, only the government can ‘censor’ you. No one is required to provide you a soapbox. Twitter is extremely dangerous to your job & well being – it’s far too easy to spew out something in anger that you didn’t really mean – and these days you can assume a mob will be after you for the least offense. It was a stupid statement to make. Should it have cost him his job? I dunno. Seems a bit harsh to me. Regardless, please learn the meaning of the word ‘fascist’ before throwing it around. It doesn’t mean natzi or bigot. A key part of the definition is ‘forcible suppression of opposition’. Muse on that while watching the news.


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