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Study Says Netflix VR Is The Most Used VR App

Study Says Netflix VR Is The Most Used VR App

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Virtual reality is a rapidly growing technology that’s currently got the consumer market in a bubble. We see it used daily for VR gaming, experiences, videos, and more. But according to studies conducted by Magid and VR/AR Insights Consortium, they say that the most used VR app in the U.S. is Netflix VR.

According to their tallies from 2,000 consumers, they state that 22% of VR users have watched Netflix VR. Second in line was Minecraft VR with 20% and third was NBA/NFL with 19%.

The VR/AR Consortium, which also includes Turner, Warner Bros. and The VR Society, have released further insights about the current market:

  • One-third of all U.S. adults have used a VR device. Of which, 23% have used a mobile-connected VR platform (such as the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View), versus 16% that have used a console VR device (i.e. the PlayStation VR), versus 8% for PC-connected VR platforms (such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive).


  • The U.S. market of VR owners and “intenders” stands at 44 million.


  • Seeing is believing, as 50% of those who have tried a VR headset reported “loving” the experience on a PC or console device, while 90% reported “liking” it on a high-end PC or console headset. For mobile VR, 85% said they “liked it,” and 44% said they “loved it.”


  • 86% of those that have used a console or PC headset and 84% of those who have used a mobile VR set-up would recommend the device to others.


  • 51% said they believe VR will change the way people watch TV shows and movies.

The study and results are quite promising as majority of people who have tried on a VR headset would recommend the technology to their friends and family members. It also shows that people who have tried VR experiences believe that it will change the way we view video content in the future. Immersive content is a powerful thing as it allows users to be more engaged and vest more quality time with the experience.

Netflix VR is currently available on Google Daydream and Oculus Home for the Samsung Gear VR.

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