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Star Wars VR Trials On Tatooine

Star Wars VR Trials On Tatooine

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Star Wars has finally released a VR game sample with the help of the HTC Vive. The two companies together have released a mini game that allows you to live out a fantasy character in virtual reality.
With HTC Vive’s intuitive virtual controls, you get to experience what it’s like to move around
on the foreign soil of Tatooine.

With Trials On Tatooine, you get to wield a lightsaber and virtually experience what it’s like to fight with it. You can reflect laser beams back at the enemies with the use of the HTC Vive controllers.

trials on tatooine vr and fun

You also get to see a glimpse of the Millenium Falcon and it’s truly magnificent. When the ship flies in it literally feels like its right above you. The game makes you want to duck out of the way of it. On top of that, you get to virtually interact with R2-D2, the very famous robot. You can experience the size, shape, and look of R2-D2 which is awesome.

Seeing and interacting with the virtual Tatooine landscape is something you must try.

Be sure to give this game a go as it’s the first VR Star Wars game you get to experience through the HTC Vive. If this were to become a success, we can truly look forward to some unbelievable VR experiences with the HTC Vive.

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