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Sotheby’s New York Opens ‘Art of Virtual Reality’ Exhibit

Sotheby’s New York Opens ‘Art of Virtual Reality’ Exhibit

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Sotheby’s New York in partnership with The Advanced Imaging Society’s Virtual Reality Society is hosting a two-day festival, June 22-23, to raise public awareness about VR, entitled ‘Art of Virtual Reality’. The event will take place at Sotheby’s NYC location.

The exhibit aims to bring together artists, directors and producers to demonstrate VR, AR, 360 and MR. The two-day event, will span three floors and include a robust programme of live demos, hands-on interaction, a series of speakers and panel discussions, will be an opportunity to discover the award-winning content produced by industry leaders, as well as to learn about major advancements in the field and its vast potential.

According to Sotheby’s, Carl Goodman, executive director of the Museum of the Moving Image, will lead a discussion on Art in Virtual Reality and Sotheby’s executive vice president of digital development, David Goodman, will continue the conversation, considering the technology’s possibilities for museums. Other panels will explore the VR’s utility in higher education, music, travel and architecture, Broadway, ballet and news.  The exhibit also highlights ‘Art of VR’ includes: featured speakers, filmmakers Doug Liman and Mira Bello.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “featured VR projects will include Sun Ladies, the story of the all-female militia fighting ISIS produced by Maria Bello and Kate Brooks; Liman-directed episodic series Invisible; the pilot episode of animated Raising a Ruckus, produced by VRC and Oscar winner Robert Stromberg; and VR film Le Musk by two-time Oscar- and Grammy-winning musical artist A.R. Rahman. The latter, co-produced by Intel in conjunction with motion seat-maker Positron, combines sound, haptics, motion and smell.”

Apart from the ‘Art of VR’ exhibit, Sotheby’s is also partnering with Loot Interactive to curate a separate Space VR Gallery. This entails a space-themed exhibit, which will debut: The Apollo 11 VR Museum, the informational short Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways, and Fox and Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant In Utero and The Martian VR Experience.

Last but not least, during the festival, Loot Interactive and Suzanne Lloyd will unveil a preview of the Harold Lloyd Museum Experience in VR featuring a collection of the Lloyd’s 3D photography, set in an explorable multi-floor modern museum. 

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