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Sony Responds to Growing Demand by Increasing PSVR Supply

Sony Responds to Growing Demand by Increasing PSVR Supply

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Sony’s fairly soft launch of their PSVR left many VR people wondering why the company seemed hesitant about their product. However, since it’s October 2016 launch, PSVR has received a lot of positive praise, which has led to an increase in demand. Luckily for the VR world, Sony has responded to this demand by increasing their supply.

Simon Benson, Director of Sony’s Immersive Technology Group, confirmed the production increase in an interview with MCV. “[It’s been] very positive,” he said of PSVR feedback. “We were very optimistic about introducing our gamers to virtual reality, but it’s only when you launch it that you know for sure. Creating a completely new type of gaming experience that involves wearing something on your head was a real challenge. When we see such fantastic user reviews, we know we have done a pretty good job in getting the important elements just right.”

“It is still very early days, but we have a better feel for the demand for VR gaming and so we are planning to increase production. This is a really positive sign for the future of VR gaming and I’m looking forward to seeing even more people getting their hands on their own PlayStation VR headset and entering this new world,” said Benson.

In February of this year, it was announced that PSVR had reached 915,000 in sales. The system was also ranked one of the best tethered VR headsets of 2017. Many complained that they could not get their hands on the device, as it was sold out. Recently, it has been reported that the PSVR has been restocked in the US and Canada, which gives us reason to believe that the new production has already begun.

“If people think PSVR gaming is great now, then I think they will be even more amazed in a year’s time by the types of experiences that will be available, and I believe that the social element will be a huge contributor to the value of VR gaming,” said Benson.

With E3 on the horizon in June, we’re hoping for some big announcements and new titles.

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