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Sony Has Now Sold 3 Million PSVR Headsets

Sony Has Now Sold 3 Million PSVR Headsets

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Sony has just announced that they’ve now sold 3 million of their PS VR headsets worldwide.

Sony has been one of the leaders in the VR industry with their iconic PS VR headset which has allowed developers to create new and exciting virtual reality content for the console platform. Now 3 million customers have access to the virtual reality platform thanks to PlayStation.

“We are excited to reveal today that Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially sold-through more than three million PlayStation VR systems worldwide, along with 21.9 million PS VR games and experiences,” said Mary Yee, VP PlayStation Marketing, SIEA. “We’d like to thank all our fans for the amazing support, and we’re thrilled that so many of our gamers have experienced the magic of VR and stepped into the captivating worlds that electrify our senses.”

To go along with this news, PlayStation has announced two highly anticipated PS VR games coming this fall.

Creed: Rise To Glory – September 25, 2018

creed rise to glory

The first title is Creed: Rise to Glory which is a premier boxing VR experience from Survios that puts you in the gloves of Adonis Creed on his journey from an underground amateur to a spotlight champion. You can pre-order the game for $29.99.

Evasion – October 9, 2018

evasion vr game

The second game is called Evasion. In this title you’ll play as one of four unique hero classes within an elite special operations team charged with saving an embattled human colony. This intense, sci-fi first-person VR shooter from Archiact is available for pre-order at $39.99.



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