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Sonar VR Adventure Into Outer Space

Sonar VR Adventure Into Outer Space

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Virtual Reality world can be a way of escape from life’s reality done in a creative way. Just like various games in VR, there are challenges to be solved to be able to win. This game can be a man’s coping mechanism to escape reality or a moment to relax and have fun. Some games can be challenging and difficult at times, but we have to continue and move on to the next level. As we overcome all the challenges and hurdles it’ll be fulfilling and the most memorable gaming experience we’ve encountered.

In the Sonar VR experience, categorized as entertainment horror movie, the journey begins inside the depth of a large asteroid of a cave system, where it serves as the only source of light while drifting down towards the cockpit of a spacecraft.


The professional production was created by Philipp Maas and Dominik Stockhausen. The distinct alien surface, a rapid descent in the depths, a labyrinthine passage view, the distress signal sound warning makes the experience great and spectacular in Sonar. The variation of music adds to the experience of rapid heartbeat and tremble of being alone and anxious in the vastness of the scene giving players a feeling of creepiness and horror. Emotions are high and fear can be overwhelming as the player is trapped in a deep cave without air nor gravity. The movie requires Samsung Gear VR for stereoscopic effects and a monoscopic version for Oculus Rift. The age rating is open to everyone making this solid short film worth the watch and experience for the whole family.

Most VR games offer a stationary form of play that provides a quiet and yet competitive outlet in a positive manner, it also helps to improve the social and emotional skills of the players through virtual interaction with other participants.

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This Sonar experience is exceptional because it teaches the player lessons on how to face ones fear with great courage and strength. Of course, nobody wants to be caught up in surprise alone not knowing what would happen next in an unlikely territory. It continuously simulates different kinds of environments that we find ourselves playing in. In time, we are slowly becoming more accepting to advance computer game technology by engaging in new digital learning environments. Movies that stimulate us to the point of letting the imagination run wild.

There will always be a child in us, no matter what age, the desire to play will always be present whether it be an indoor or outdoor games. In real life, most of our learning comes from participating in sports and games that lead to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

The fun and excitement will never stop as more games are created and developed to deeply touch our senses and imagination. Playing and immersing in virtual reality games can also be a way to challenge and discover ones inner talents and strengths.

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