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Snapchat Adds New AR Geofilters for Companies Like Warner Bros

Snapchat Adds New AR Geofilters for Companies Like Warner Bros

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Snapchat seems to be getting more savvy with their push into AR these days. As of recent, the company has launched new sponsored filters that allow companies to add AR effects into their filters. These new line of products are differentiated into three different categories: World Lenses, Audience Lenses, and Smart Geofilters.

World Lenses

This newer line of product for Snapchat allows sponsors to add digital AR objects as a filter for users to use. They overlay the digital objects in the physical environment and create a new creative way for people to interact. According to the company, these sponsored lenses already receive 15 seconds of “play time’ prior to users sending them. However, the company hasn’t provided an ETA on when this new product will go live for advertisers.

If you check your filters today, you’ll notice one by Warner Bros. who is sponsoring an AR filter for their upcoming movie “Everything, Everything.” There are commitments by companies such as Netflix, Dunkin Donuts, and Glidden Paint that are also looking to launch an AR filter on the World Lenses platform.

Audience Lenses

This new line of product will provide a guaranteed number of Lens impressions for a specifically targeted audience group. Snapchat can help advertisers target the audience by age and gender, which will provide more hyper-focused filters.

Smart Geofilters

This is a bit of an update to the current filters we can scroll through today. The new update allows for the addition of location information and other real-time data. For example, if you were in front of a school and used a smart geofilter, you’d see the regular sponsored filter with the inclusion of the school’s name.

Snapchat stated that users launch the app over 18 times on top of using the app over 30 minutes on average everyday. Additionally, there are more than 3 billion Snaps created per day. Now the question arises, will this be enough to compete with Facebook and Instagram?

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