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Six Flags And Samsung Partner Up Once Again For A New VR Coaster Called Galactic Attack


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The famous Six Flags Theme Park, home to America’s famous roller coasters, has partnered up once again with Samsung to deliver an updated virtual roller coaster experience. This time, the two companies look to input some mixed reality into the mix. The current ‘New Revolution’ VR coaster rides will get an update with ‘Galactic Attack,’ which adds in the mixed reality component along with a new story.

“Six Flags is proud to be partnering with Samsung to develop the newest, most innovative thrill ride experience in the theme park industry,” said Brett Petit, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “This mixed reality technology is truly groundbreaking and like nothing our guests have ever experienced. Six Flags and Samsung changed the game last year with VR on twelve roller coasters and now we are breaking new ground yet again.”

The ‘Galactic Attack’ roller coaster experience makes its debut at Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom near San Francisco. This will offer park guests a fully immersive ride experience that allows them to “save the planet from an impending alien drone invasion.”

“Our strategic partnership with Six Flags enables millions of consumers to experience virtual reality for the first time by bringing Gear VR to real roller coasters at theme parks across the country. We are always aiming to create immersive, never been done before experiences with our Samsung VR ecosystem as the focal point, so these new experiences at Six Flags are completely complementary to that key objective. We are thrilled to continue to work with Six Flags and bring VR to the mainstream,” said Marc Mathieu, Samsung Electronics America’s Chief Marketing Officer.

galactic attack roller coaster

With the use of the Samsung Gear VR headset, riders will be introduced to the device’s passthrough camera functionality. This allows the riders full awareness of their surroundings and allow them to see the real world, bringing the mixed reality factor. You’ll be able to see the person seated next to you along the ride as well.

While inside the ‘Galactic Attack’ VR experience, you’ll be shown data like the current status of your weaponry, time codes, fuel cells, and a countdown clock. While going up on the roller coast itself, you’ll see a massive swirling wormhole. When the roller coaster drops from the top point, you’ll be launched into the middle of a galactic battle where you come under attack from flying drones that are blasting lasers and missiles towards you. A cool component to this experience is that you have options of choosing three different endings.

If you’ve been wondering what VR roller coasters are all about, visit the two listed six flags adventure parks today and check out ‘Galactic Attack.’

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