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Shark Week: Operation Apex Comes To Life In VR

Shark Week: Operation Apex Comes To Life In VR

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Shark Week is one of the most hyped up animal events in today’s society. Discovery dedicates a full week to these carnivorous animals to highlight their amazing lives. And with the celebration they have released a unique experience called Shark Week: Operation Apex in VR.

Shark Week: Operation Apex

Developed by Curiscope, in partnership with HTC Vive Studios, your mission becomes is to take your research rig out into open sea in search of the largest great white shark ever seen as a part of Shark Week: Operation Apex.

The cool thing is that you won’t need real diving experience as you would to actually carry out this mission. You will also assist on scientific expeditions to collect data from the marine life around you and learn about the ocean’s precious ecosystem and our individual impact on it.

Shark Week: Operation Apex will allow you to put on the diving gear and explore the underwater world with the freedom of locomotion. You have the ability to experience Operation Apex in seated modes as well.

This experience will also allow you to interact with sharks and many other elusive creatures that are rarely seen outside of their natural habitats. The underwater creatures will have the ability to react to your presence, creating an immersive and enthralling experience.

Discovery stated that all the art and imagery in the game is was carefully created to be a realistic as possible, down to the way the kelp sways with the ocean currents. Each of the three underwater environments have been highly researched to provide a compelling simulation of this mysterious world.

Shark Week: Operation Apex is available for 9.99 on Steam for VR users. Face the amazing animals in virtual reality.

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