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SDCC 2017: Official Trailer For Ready Player One


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Warner Bros. has just released the official trailer to Ready Player One as San Diego Comic Con 2017. Adapted from Ernest Cline’s best selling book, Ready Player One, the movie will be taking you into the future where virtual reality becomes the real world for society.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One takes place in year 2045 when the world faces an energy crisis due to the depletion of fossil fuels and global warming. The effects causes a widespread social crisis that leads the public to retreat into the virtual world to find comfort and release.

During the Warner Bros panel at SDCC 2017, Steven Spielberg joined Chris Hardwick on stage with Ernest Cline to debut the Ready Player One teaser trailer.

The trailer above introduced to an area called The Stacks which is one of the urban slums in the future. You can see Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), the main character in the movie, putting on a VR headset that takes him into the virtual world called the OASIS created by James Halliday. Users here can basically become whoever they want and enjoy a virtually refreshing environment compared to the real world they live in today.

Characters in the trailer are seen going on wild adventures as they have the freedom to live life on the edge. This highly anticipated title will be coming to life next year in partnership with HTC Vive. Stay tuned as we provide more details.

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