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Samsung Odyssey VR Headset Unveiled Featuring AMOLED Display

Samsung Odyssey VR Headset Unveiled Featuring AMOLED Display

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Update: The link is now live at the bottom of the page

We’ve recently seen leaks of the upcoming Samsung VR headset and now it’s finally confirmed that it is indeed coming this holiday season as a part of the Microsoft Windows mixed reality platform.

Named the Samsung Odyssey, this VR headset boasts an OLED screen which is new to the VR headset market. Every other VR headset thus far came equipped with a traditional LED or LCD screen but Samsung is upping the ante with the AMOLED.

“When we began designing and engineering the Samsung HMD Odyssey with Microsoft, there was only one goal in mind, create a high performing headset that’s easy to set up and can transport people to the incredible world of virtual reality,” said Alanna Cotton, Vice President and General Manager at Samsung Electronics America.

“Powered with dual AMOLED displays which Samsung is known for, that result in vivid colors and the highest resolution in the industry, built-in spatial AKG headphones, inside-out tracking, built-in microphone, and quick, responsive motion controllers, the Samsung HMD Odyssey immerses users with a 110° field of view as they discover the new frontier of Windows Mixed Reality. Samsung is committed to working across platforms to build cutting-edge technology, and we’re excited to partner with Microsoft to shape the future of virtual reality. But most of all, we can’t wait for you to take the Samsung HMD Odyssey out for a spin, and see it for yourself.”

The Samsung Odyssey will also feature a screen resolution size of 2880 x 1600 with up to 90Hz refresh rates. The field of view will be up to 100 degrees with integrated headphones.

Samsung Odyssey Specs:

Platform Windows Mixed Reality
Display Dual 3.5” AMOLED
1,440 x 1,600 @90/60Hz
Interface HDMI2.0 + USB 3.0 Interface Bound Cable (4m Length)
Lens Single Fresnel
Field of View Φ 66, FOV 110º, 6.7X
IPD 60-72mm Range
Camera 6 DOF Camera x 2
Sensor Accelerometer(6 Axis)| Gyrometer(6 Axis )|
Compass(3 Axis)|Proximity Sensor| IPD Sensor
Acoustics 2 MIC Support| Cortana|Built-in AKG Headphone
Control & Function Volume|IPD Adjustment
Dimension 202mm(W) x 131.5mm(D) x 111mm(H)
Weight 645g
Samsung HMD Odyssey (Controller)
Control & Function Touchpad (Clickable), Menu button
Windows/Controller power button, Trigger, Thumbstick, Indicator light
Sensor Accelerometer(6 Axis)| Gyrometer(6 Axis )|
Compass(3 Axis)
Battery AA Battery x 2ea
Dimension 154.2 x 119.1 x 119.1mm
Weight 160g

The new headset will also feature inside-out tracking and come equipped with Microsoft’s motion sensor controllers. Samsung and Microsoft have set the release date for the Odyssey VR headset on November 6, 2017 at $499.99. This includes the headset plus the Microsoft Motion Controllers.

Microsoft briefly launched the page but have taken it down ever since. This might’ve been due to error and was not supposed to be launched just yet. We’ll provide a review and our take on the headset when we get our hands on a model. You can also purchase the headset on Samsung’s page with a monthly installment plan of $83.33 for 6 months.

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