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Russian VR Company Raises $2.1 Million for Mobile Positional Tracking System

Russian VR Company Raises $2.1 Million for Mobile Positional Tracking System

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Antilatency, Russian-based startup, has recently raised $2.1 million dollars for their mobile positional tracking solution. The company plans to move their office to San Francisco by June.

The seed investment comes from the Moscow-based IIDF venture capital fund and will be used to accelerate the release of its “anti-latency tracker” known as ALT.

According to tech.eu, “ALT is a device that allows users to walk around with a mobile VR headset rather than only use head movements. It attaches to the headset and connects with strips of infrared light markers placed on the ground via the tracker’s on-board camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer. The device can predict movement 30ms ahead of time to compensate for any latency, according to the company. It added that the device won’t cause any dizziness, can be used outdoors, and with multiple users.”

“Our team is testing early prototypes and our dream is close to coming true. Virtual reality powered by our tracker gives a miraculous sense of complete freedom, without wires and dizziness,” said Petr Sevostianov, CTO of Antilatency. “And now we want everyone on the planet to be able to experience the same virtual reality as we do.”

The ATL will be sold for approximately $100 according to the company. While the devices poses to offer a nice solution for positional tracking with a mobile VR headset, many of the big companies (Google, Microsoft, and Facebook) are also developing headsets that have inside-out technology built in. According to Upload VR, “The ALT solution is still dependent on these lights you place throughout a space. Even so, the technology might still represent a low cost option that could be useful in certain situations.”

Looking to the future, Antilatency is also planning motion controller support using the same technology and plans to launch a Kickstarter project in the coming months as well. Antilatency debuted their technology at VRLA this year, and will be at E3 this June.

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