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This Is Ringwalker By Enterspace VR

This Is Ringwalker By Enterspace VR

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Sometimes, it’s frustrating to know that there are amazing VR games out there that you can never play from the comfort of your home. Just take a look at Mario Kart Arcade GP for instance. It’s a land-locked VR title only meant to be played at the VR arcade in Shinjuku, Tokyo in Japan. Now we have another title on our hands that is exclusive to Stockholm, Sweden called Ringwalker.

This new title is a co-op VR game developed by Enterspace VR. Inside the virtual experience you’ll be crossing the edge into a new world to challenge the frozen landscapes of Saturn with your crew.

Ringwalker is a multiplayer adventure set in space in a future time when mankind has the means to reach the planet. The experience brings you into a beautiful and exciting story that takes unexpected twists and turns as it inspires knowledge and awareness of our universe. Ringwalker is a 1 – 3 player game where you’ll be able to interact with one another in the virtual space. Ringwalker lasts around 12 minutes time.

The unique experience is stationed inside the Enterspace VR center in Stockholm and is an exclusive title. They also offer 3 other VR experiences with The Raft, John Wick Chronicles, and The Mummy: Prodigium Strike. The Enterspace VR center will be opening on May 31st to become the largest VR centre in Stockholm.

“Enterspace VR Center Stockholm is for everyone. We offer a complete concept where visitors can experience VR of high quality, but also eat and drink. A fun and social hub where friends and colleagues can do something completely new together, but also stay and talk about their experiences,” said Sara Strömgren, Head of Visitor Experiences at Enterspace.

If you happen to be in Stockholm, make sure to purchase your tickets and experience this one of a kind VR game.

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