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Rigs Mechanized Combat League For PS VR Looks Amazing

Rigs Mechanized Combat League For PS VR Looks Amazing

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Playstation is gearing up to release their version of the VR headset called PSVR, which is set to debut on October 13th. In case you forgot, that’s right around the corner. And along with the brand new system, they’ll need a great title to go along with it. So earlier this year they announced many titles to come along with the game, one of them being Rigs.

Rigs is a mechanical combat game where you go head to head with other players through the PSVR headset. You’ll be weaponized to a mech suit and be in control to a plethora of weapons with guns, rockets, and lasers. It also appears that you’ll be able to conduct some hand-to-hand combat with your opponents. Not only that, this game allows you to jump and fly around in the air to dodge and maneuver against attacks.

In the trailer above you can see that Playstation has invested a lot of time and money into making this game and commercial look awesome. Playstation wants to convey a message that FPS (First Person Shooter) games can work in VR simulations. This title may even be the first to make it on to the E-sport circuit.

However, it’s hard to tell if this game will be played at the frame rate we’re used to on the Rift and Vive. The PSVR itself will have nowhere near the computing and graphics power that the Rift and Vive produces because those 2 headsets are powered by very capable PCs.

But it should be noted that Playstation has invested a lot of money into this project so Sony will not be taking any shortcuts. The playstation VR headset starts at $399 and will require the sensors + controllers. You’ll also require the PS4 itself bringing the total price higher. Sony’s primary income has been supplemented by Playstation and they look to continue that trend with the release of their VR sector.

Rigs will be released on the same day (October 13th) that the Playstation VR will be released. Make sure to pre-order the PSVR if you haven’t already. We’ll be looking forward to reviewing the game in depth!

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