Home Playstation VR This Puzzle Game For PSVR Called ‘Statik’ Is Sure To Drive You A Little Crazy

This Puzzle Game For PSVR Called ‘Statik’ Is Sure To Drive You A Little Crazy

This Puzzle Game For PSVR Called ‘Statik’ Is Sure To Drive You A Little Crazy

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What do you do when your hands are trapped inside a cube? That’s the question which must be answered in Statik Institute of Retention by Tarsier Studios. This upcoming, featured PS VR game reminded me of the horror movie Saw, coupled with a puzzle game like the Rubik’s Cube.

statik gameplay img 2

At the start of the game, you wake up from a faded vision to see that your hands are locked inside a contraption. Upon looking around you see a mysterious figure in a lab coat. When you start to take action in solving the cube, the stranger starts to study your moves. And when you get stuck at certain points, this person starts throwing you hints in a sarcastic manner. With the PlayStation dual shock controller, you start feeling the sense of your hands actually being trapped within the cube.

While your hands aren’t physically trapped within a contraption, looking down at it in the virtual world still stimulated that feeling of anxiety and fear.

statik gameplay image

There were three phases to the game all containing different cubes with various contraptions. In the image above, the cube featured three-faces containing numerous buttons and gizmos. For instance, one face of the cube features a cassette player which can play tapes. Another side features little buttons that are used to help open the cube. When you push on it, they do various things but nothing really makes sense when pushed randomly. The game must be solved following the clues hidden inside the lab.

This virtual reality puzzle game definitely does a great job in transferring you into an immersive world where you do feel like you are present in a laboratory with your hands cuffed inside the contraption. If this were to be featured as a movie, I think it would do a fantastic job, similar to the nostalgic feeling you get when watching Saw. Tarsier Studios revealed that the scientists will tell you why they locked you up when you get to the end of the single player campaign.

Statik will be released on the PS VR in mid April.

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