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Pre-Orders Now Live For New RTS VR Game ‘Brass Tactics’

Pre-Orders Now Live For New RTS VR Game ‘Brass Tactics’

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From the creators of Age of Empires II and Counter Strike: Global Offensive comes a new RTS game called Brass Tactics. This new and upcoming VR game pits you against another player where you must strategize and move your army around to defeat your opponent.

Brass Tactics can be played in co-op mode or PvP where you utilize the Touch controllers to move around your troops. Players will have access to units such as infantry, archers, cavalry, artillery, tanks, and even flying griffin-like creatures.

The game has a mystic feel to it where its a combination between fantasy and steampunk. Your virtual hands look shiny with gold with commands at your fingertips. Users will be playing on a wooden tabletop where you can see the whole map and terrain.

There are elevation differences throughout each map and features rough terrains which you must strategize around. You’ll also be able to place new towers around the map to release different set of units which will be vital to the game.

Every player will start off with a small castle that can be upgraded through time. You can invest in your economy or your military depending on your strategy. The tabletop can also be moved to meet your height and spun for better angles.

Something you’ll notice when you play Brass Tactics is that you have a relatively low population cap which keeps army sizes pretty small. So you must be strategic in the game in order to win. Luckily, Hidden Path Entertainment added in an advisor to help you learn the game to become a master tactician.

You can pre-order Brass Tactics today on the Oculus Store with a 15% special discount. The game is set to launch on October 19th. Make sure to stay tuned as we provide more details and game footage.



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