Home VR News Possible Leak Of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Possible Leak Of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Possible Leak Of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset

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Samsung currently has one of the most popular headsets in the world with the Gear VR. The HMD uses the Galaxy and Note phones to power these devices. But new images have recently surfaced that may show that the company is working on a standalone version.

In a public tweet posted by a user named WalkingCat, we’ve been able to see what appears to be a standalone virtual reality headset by Samsung. There are various angles to the photos showing multiple sides to the device.

While this device is not confirmed by Samsung, it does look pretty genuine. There are no specs or details available for this standalone VR headset. But interestingly enough it has a sign on the side of the device which reads “Windows Mixed Reality.” This may possibly mean that Samsung is working with Microsoft on launching a standalone solution for their upcoming Windows VR platform.

The Samsung headset also features two front facing sensor which usually indicates inside-out positional tracking seen on other Windows VR headsets. The design of the headset also seems to be inspired by PlayStation VR as it has a giant scoop in the front for head placement and comfort.

samsung standalone vr headset back

On this image you can see that the headset has in-line headphones with a giant Samsung logo on the back.

samsung windows vr headset

This image combines the headset with the Windows mixed reality controllers which indicates that it’ll be a part of the Windows VR family. Currently, the various Windows VR headsets range in price from $300 to about $500. This standalone VR headset might fall somewhere in that price range as well.

This is a little bit surprising considering we’ve seen images of their Exynos VR headset which we believed would be released in the near future. We’ll soon find out if there’s any truth to this during Microsoft’s Mixed Reality event taking place on October 3rd. Make sure to stay tuned for the latest information on the Samsung mixed reality headset.


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