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Pokemon Go Breaks Records

Pokemon Go Breaks Records

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Pokemon GO has now broken several records according to SimilarWeb. The mega hit app has reached new heights in the shortest amount of time since its release. The pokemon AR (augmented reality) app is being downloaded millions of times and hitting records before its full world-wide launch. What’s more incredible is that its keeping its active user base as well.

pokemon go breaks records

The app is on 1.0 currently and hasn’t yet released improvements. The app has a few glitches and bugs that crashes the game but many are willing to stick around.

The game itself makes users and pokemon trainers to walk and drive distances to catch pokemon all throughout cities. You’ll find many different types of pokemon that are related to environments. You’ll find water pokemon by bodies of water and find other types of pokemon related to their types. This allows users to adventure out and visit places they might’ve never been to before.

This has stirred up the community to take adventures all throughout and get them a little more active than before.

Many have doubted its abilities to capture a community like it has currently because it seemed to falsify its advertisement.

pokemon go teams

The game also breaks you down into three different teams. You can join Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor. Once you join the teams you have the ability to fight gyms and become gym leaders at the particular gym you beat.

There are also many local communities on facebook you can join to find and help each other out. This is one point to why the Pokemon Go community is thriving.

The game has yet to release legendary pokemon as well. In the future versions, there’ll be events to capture Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Aticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. We are guessing that the three legendary birds can only be captured based on your team classification.

Trading Pokemon will also become a big part of the game as it’ll help fill in gaps for users to fulfill catching all Pokemon. The goal for a Pokemon Trainer is to fill the whole Pokedex with all 151 Pokemon. We’ll see more release to the newer generation Pokemon as well.

The Pokemon Go game was developed with the partnership with Niantic which specializes in creating augmented reality games. Through this partnership, Nintendo stocks has had a big boost. With that knowledge, there’s only room for improvement to the game itself.

We can look forward to new and brighter things coming to Pokemon Go that’ll greatly enhance experience for all of us looking to become Pokemon Go Masters. We hope to see you out there taking a Pokemon Go adventure!

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  1. Finally, AR is out of the closet with Pokemon as a reference example. It also is a great use of tech to get kids to move and walk or run. We have been trying to lead a paradigm shift but have not engaged early adopters for uses of AR with schools for bully prevention and health and wellness. I think we will re-brand our HealthForce app as Healthemon….and give away or partner to get our AR posters to the worlds kids and schools.
    Anyone interested in riding the wave that can help us please reach out.

  2. Fellas who of you play Pokemon GO? Amazing game, yesterday i caught rare
    pokemon Hitmonlee using pokebusterbot ! No ban so far, still
    using it. You should too.


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