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New Lenovo VR Headset Will Cost Less Than $400

During the end of last year Microsoft has promised the release of VR headsets along with their partners. And today, pictures have surfaced of the new OEM product by Lenovo. This new headset features many of the latest technologies such as room-scale VR. It’ll also display the virtual world in 1,440 x 1,440 OLED screen. In […]

Jaunt Releases App For Playstation VR

Jaunt VR announced today that their app is now available for the PlayStation VR system. With the large PlayStation community Jaunt VR hopes to expose more people to cinematic VR. Jaunt has many 360 VR videos available to stream and with the use of the newly released headsets, millions will have a chance to watch and […]

Nintendo NX Preview Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Nintendo has been hard at work on their next generation console called Nintendo NX. They released tidbits of information throughout the year but have gotten away without revealing anything concrete. Many have been speculating just what type of gaming system it’ll be. Would it be a contender to Sony’s Playstation or Microsoft’s Xbox? No one […]