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Pimax Has A New Shipping Date For Their 8K Headset And All Other Products

Pimax Has A New Shipping Date For Their 8K Headset And All Other Products

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Is it finally time that we see a genuine Pimax 8K VR headset on the block? Well, kind of. Pimax has announced that they are finally sending out their 8K M1 VR headset units to 10 different testers at the end of this month. The team has stated that they are very confident about their M1 test units, which should surprise the reviewers.

Pimax 8K Release Date

In addition, Pimax has stated that they plan to ship the first batch of their 8K VR headsets when they are given the green light with the M1 units. The plan is to ship them in June. They will also be shipping the 5K headsets in the same time frame.

Currently, the Pimax 8K headset is able to achieve 80Hz in refresh rate and is still trying to improve that standard. In worst case scenario, they will be shipping the headsets at 80Hz. The 5K headset version is currently able to reach 90Hz refresh rate.

Accessory Release Date

They also made announcements about their peripherals and accessories. According to their team, they plan on shipping their lighthouses some time in October. “We have been working on Pi-tracking,” said Pimax. “The prototype has passed the internal test. We are testing a new prototype for public demo and will showcase our solution when ready.”

The prototype v1 controllers will be ready in June or July 2018 and will be shipping some time in Q4. So for those that will be receiving the 8K headsets prior to Q4 will have to use other applicable motion controllers.

One of the newest revelations was that the Pimax 8K headsets will support Oculus games and that we will be able to see a working demo with the M1 reviewer HMD.

Stretch Goal Updates

Stretch goal gifts and add-ons

  • Modules

They are working with partners for the modules. The top priority is the hand tracking module and eye tracking module. Pimax is working with several wireless partners as well.

  • Free content

They plan to have one content for controllers, one content for hand motion, and another tbc. They’ve locked a great controller game and will disclose more info when they have the permission.

  • 10m cable

The cable has passed the internal sample test. Pimax is doing more tests and will disclose more info later.

  • Headstrap

The team is refining the design of the headstrap for better ergonomics.

  • Face cushion, cooling fan, VR frame

Not hard to produce at all according to Pimax. Mockups for these are ready. With limited resources, Pimax is now focusing on the headset. Will update the progress when ready.

Pimax plans on holding meetups in different cities when the working units of their motion sensor controllers are ready.

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