Home VR News Pimax Is Finally Ready To Send Out Their Review Units For 8K M1 Prototype

Pimax Is Finally Ready To Send Out Their Review Units For 8K M1 Prototype

Pimax Is Finally Ready To Send Out Their Review Units For 8K M1 Prototype

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It’s been awhile since we last heard from the Pimax team in regards to their upcoming 8k VR headset. With a record breaking Kickstarter launch last year, the team has set some high goals in fulfilling their promises to its customers. The team now seems to be ready to send out their review units for the 8K M1 Prototype headsets.

On their forum they stated, “We are about to start a round of closed beta testing for the Pimax 8K M1 prototype. The goal is to have some of you to test the prototypes from both professional and enthusiast’s perspective, and let the Pimax team know how the experience matches up to your expectations.”

The Pimax team will choose around 10 participants in reviewing the Pimax 8K M1 prototype to provide a thorough review of the upcoming headset.

Here are the steps for the closed beta for the Pimax headset listed by their team:

  1. We will email our chosen testers to confirm their participation (around 10 in total, to account for availability of headsets and manageability of the program), starting this week
  2. We will start shipping to the testers as soon as M1 testing units are ready.
  3. Testers inform Pimax team when they have received the units
  4. Shortly after, we will announce the testers in the forum
  5. Testers answer a standarized questionnaire from Pimax team – the questionnaire will let you know what stage to complete it at during testing and when to have it finished by
  6. Testers join the closed discussion and communicate with Pimax team – Login details for the closed forum will be shared alongside the questionnaire
  7. Testers agree on a release date that allows all testers to have time to organize the reviews – this can take place in the forum
  8. After the testing period is over and we head into the release day, testers can now answer questions engage in the open forum with the rest of the Pimax community about M1 and their experiences

The Pimax team have stated that they might have the M1 units ready in early April.

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  1. Am I seeing this right? 10 (TEN) pairs of PROTOTYPE in april 2018:)? Very funny Pimax:) And when final product? 2020? I’m not kickstarter backer (fortunately) but those guys has to be so happy:)


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