Home VR News Pimax Announces Further Delays For Their 8K Headsets

Pimax Announces Further Delays For Their 8K Headsets

Pimax Announces Further Delays For Their 8K Headsets

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Pimax has announced that there will be further delays in shipping out their 8K headsets to the Kickstarter backers.

According to their blog post there are several reasons as to why we are seeing further delays with the 8K headset. They have just fixed all the issues with the V5 prototype and have had to adjust the lens design 3 times. And with every adjustment it is costing the Chinese manufacturer around $50,000 – $100,000 along with a few weeks for new tooling.

The vendors will be providing the newly designed lens in early May which is when we will be seeing the M1 tester units  being shipped out.

“The good news is, all the materials for M1 are now ready in the factory, which means we have better control over the timeline,” said the team on their company blog.

Pimax will initially be shipping out 10 8K M1 prototype headsets to Kickstarter backers and reviewers they trust. “The goal is to have some of you to test the prototypes from both professional and enthusiast’s perspective, and let the Pimax team know how the experience matches up to your expectations.”

From what we can see in the V5 test video, they are making massive improvements with their displays.

While this is only a test video shot through what seems to be a smartphone, you can see that the screen door effect is virtually non-existent. So for those waiting to hear about the overall improvements of the Pimax 8K headset, you won’t be having to wait too much longer.

Overall, we can probably expect to see the Kickstarter backers start to received the 8K headsets later this year with it being commercially available some time next year.


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