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PayDay 2 VR Beta Is Now Available

PayDay 2 VR Beta Is Now Available

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Overkill has finally launched PayDay 2 VR Beta on Steam for VR users. This has been in the works for quite some time now as the initial announcement which was made back in May. Payday 2 VR will be free for all owners of the current Payday 2 game.

Here’s how you can opt-in to play PayDay 2 VR beta:

Find PAYDAY 2 in your steam library and right-click – select Properties.
In the Properties window – select the tab called “BETAS”.
In the drop down menu in the BETAS tab – select “open_vr_beta” and close the window.

Your PAYDAY will now patch itself to the beta version.

We recommend to play on window 8 or higher.
GTX 980 or better
and an Vive HMD

How to play PayDay 2 VR and mechanics:


The first thing you need to do is choose you main weapon hand. The default setting is “RIGHT-HANDED” but can be toggled in the VR settings.. Your weapon hand will for now on be referred to as MAIN HAND the non weapon hand will be referred to as the OFF HAND. You can change witch hand weapon is in during game play. MAIN HAND will always referred to the hand with the weapon. If you set your MAIN HAND to the left side the Inventory belt will switch to reflect this it place your weapons on the left side.

VR Settings

There are multiple new settings unique to VR. They can be found on the VR settings screen. This screen is located left of the main menu screen, the load out screen or the pause menu screens.

Dash Movement

To move, you place your thumb on the thumb pad of your OFF HAND. This will cause the targeting line to appear. Pressing down will make you dash to the selected location.

Automatic Dash Movement

Automatic Dash is an advanced setting can can be changed in the VR settings. If you press and hold the thumb pad you will keep dashing in the direction you point you targeting line. In the VR settings you can select between long and short jumps and off. It is set to “long” by default.


The trigger on your MAIN HAND is used to shoot your weapon. If you use akimbo weapons the trigger on your OFF HAND is used to fire the other weapon.

dual wield guns in payday 2 vr


The grip buttons on your MAIN HAND is used to trigger a reload of your weapon. If you use akimbo weapons the grip buttons on your MAIN HAND is used to reload the both weapons.
There are two reload systems in the game.

  • Automatic Reload – The automatic reload system reloads the weapons in one single action. When one of the grip buttons is pressed, the reload timer starts. Once the timer has finished the weapon is reloaded.
    The automatic reload system also automatically reloads the weapon if you weapon when you extend your clip or magazine.
  • Active Reload – The active reload systems reloads the weapons a series actions. When one of the grip buttons are pressed, the reload timer starts. Once the timer is complete, a new magazine or clip is made available in the inventory belt.
    The reload box with the new magazine is located in the the middle of the inventory belt, intersecting the weapon with this box once the timer is complete will finalize the reload.
    You can also grab a half done reload with your OFF HAND to save time at the expense of reloading with fewer bullets in your gun. Grabbing the ammo from the box, interrupts the reload and you will need to move the ammo from the box to you weapon with the OFF HAND. Using the active reload system will make reload timers shorter but will not cause reload timers to start automatically when you gun is empty.

The active reload system is an advanced setting can can be turned on in the VR settings. It is turned off by default. You can not use both systems at the same time.

You can find an example of the Inventory Belt with active reload here![www.overkillsoftware.com]

Fire Mode and Gadget

The thumb pad on the MAIN HAND can be used to turn gadgets on/off and switching fire mode. Placing your thumb on the thumb pad will cause a small text to appear under the weapon panel that explains which action you are about to active. Pressing down will activate that action.

Switching weapon hand

There are three ways to switch weapon hand during gameplay.

  • Interaction – Interacting with anything with your MAIN HAND will cause MAIN HAND and OFF HAND to temporarily switch during that interaction.
  • Inventory Belt – Grabbing the weapon from the inventory belt with the OFF HAND will cause MAIN HAND and OFF HAND to switch.
  • Swap Hand – Pressing the swap
    hand button will cause MAIN HAND and OFF HAND to switch. The swap hand button is an advanced setting can can be turned on in the VR settings. It is turned off by default. If the setting is turned on pressing up on the MAIN HAND thumb pad will activate a hand swap.
Interactions with objects, AI, enemies or civilians

To interact with anything around you hold the hand near the object and once the hand turns green press and hold the grip button on the side of the controller. When interacting the interaction circle will appear in front of the hand.

grabbing items in payday 2 vr

The same button is used to shout at enemies, AI teammates or civilians. Press and hold the buttons when pointing at an AI teamate to order them to stop and defend a location.

Masking up

While in casing mode the mask will appear in your MAIN HAND. Press and hold the trigger to to put on the mask. You can also move the mask near your head and press the trigger to mask up to instantly.

Throwables, Equipments and Bags

To use a throwing weapon or an equipment, find the appropriate icon in the inventory belt move you hand to the icon and press the grip button to equip the item in question to the hand.
Press the trigger to throw weapons and bags from your hand in the direction you are aiming. Press and hold to place an equipment on the ground where you are aiming. With an item equipped press the grip button to unequip the item. When picking up a bag, it will be automatically equipped to the hand you used to pick up the bag with.



To climb up a ladder you first need to move close to the ladder. When you aim with the targeting line to the base or top of the ladder the line and targeting circle will turn yellow. This will will attach you to the ladder. Once attached you can hold the thumb pad down and move the controller up and down to choose direction. In front of you there will be two arrows that will highlight the directions you will climb once you release the button. Longer ladders will take a few clicks to reach the top.

Players must own a copy of the game which is available on Steam. The full release of PayDay 2 VR will arrive some time in 2018.


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