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PAX West: Oculus And HTC Vive Specials And Prizes

PAX West: Oculus And HTC Vive Specials And Prizes

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PAX West gaming convention is currently underway in Seattle and there’s a lot of great stuff happening today. Companies such as Oculus and HTC are in attendance to showcase some of the amazing VR games available on their respective platforms.

Below is a list of special events and prizes you can obtain if you are at the convention.

HTC Vive: HTC has announced the launch of a great big VR treasure hunt starting today, September 1 – 4 where you’ll have a chance to win many splendid prizes. All you have to do to enter the treasure hunt is find a HTC Vive PAX West partner, do a VR demo at their booth and get your PAX badge scanned by one of the VIVE VR Specialists afterwards.

Each demo you complete will give you a chance to win – the more demos you do, the more entries you get. Winners will be drawn at random after the event has closed.

List of partners at PAX West:

  • Alienware – Booth 1115
  • Corsair – Booth 1713
  • Dell – Booth 1125
  • Intel – Booth 625
  • Bethesda – Booth 1102
  • Devolver – Booth 1613
  • VR Free Play – Westin Ballroom


Grand Prize:

VIVE VR System

Alienware 13 Laptop

$50 VIVEPORT Wallet Credit


Runner-Up Prize (available for 2 Treasure Hunt Participants):

Intel Core i9 Processor

$50 VIVEPORT Wallet Credit


Consolation Prize (available for 8 Treasure Hunt participants):

Corsair Void Pro Wireless Carbon Headset

Winners can check back to see if they won on HTC Vive’s Twitter account after September 7th.

Oculus is also holding some special events of their own starting with demos to some of their beloved VR games. If you head on over to the VR Village located just a few short blocks from the Washington State Convention Center, you can experience titles such as Blasters of the Universe, Headmaster, Oculus Medium, and Rez Infinite for free.

Additionally, Oculus will be holding tournaments throughout the length of the convention. Starting today, attendees have the opportunity to play and compete against one another for some good ol’ bragging rights and also the Oculus Rift bundle.


September 1

September 2

  • 5:00 pm—Saturday Afternoon VR Mystery Tournament
  • 8:00 pm—Eagle Flight

September 3

  • 11:00 am—Dead and Buried
  • 5:00 pm—Oculus Medium Sculpting Competition

September 4

  • 2:00 pm—Robo Recall

Oculus is also holding a panel with various partners during the longevity of the PAX West convention where we’ll here various subjects going on in the VR and entertainments industry.


September 2

September 3

September 4

  • 1:30 pm—You Either VR or You VRn’t
    Featuring Owlchemy Labs Studio Director & Owlmancer Cy Wise and Production Director & Alleged Certified Adult Andrew Eiche, Radial Games Developer Chris Floyd, and Northway Games Creators Colin and Sarah Northway

Make sure to attend, hear, and win some prizes while you’re at the PAX West convention.

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