Gran Turismo Creator Speaks Out About PSVR

Gran Turismo is currently one of the longest living game franchises in the world having released the first iteration of the title back in 1997. In fact, the game spans over two decades now being available on the PlayStation platform. It is one of the most loyal brands to Sony and have released more than 10 […]

Valve’s Knuckles VR Controller To Have Capacitative Sensors

Valve has just released more information behind their upcoming VR controller, Knuckles. While we’ve seen some pictures and mock-ups for the peripheral, we haven’t really discovered the in-depth details around it until now. In a publicly shared guide, Steam revealed that the upcoming controllers will have have capacitative trackpad while also have capacitative sensors in […]

Intel Announces Partnership With International Olympics Committee To Bring Future Coverage In VR

Intel has just announced that it’ll be partnering up with the International Olympics Committee (IOC) in providing the latest technology for upcoming coverage of the Olympic games. This new partnership with Intel will focus on infusing its 5G platforms, VR, 3D and 360-degree content development platforms, artificial intelligence platforms, and drones, along with other silicon solutions […]