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Owlchemy Labs who Created Rick and Morty VR has been Acquired by Google

Owlchemy Labs who Created Rick and Morty VR has been Acquired by Google

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Owlchemy Labs has just reported that their studio has been acquired by Google. The creative Austin-based studio has created some wonderful VR experiences such as Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, which has gone on to win multiple awards.

We care a lot about building and investing in compelling, high-quality, and interactive virtual reality experiences and have created many of our own—from YouTube, Street View, and Photos on Daydream to Google Earth VR and Tilt Brush. And, we work with partners and support developers and creators outside of Google to help bring their ideas to VR.

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Owlchemy Labs to Google. They’ve created award-winning games like Job Simulator and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality which have really thoughtful interactive experiences that are responsive, intuitive, and feel natural. They’ve helped set a high bar for what engagement can be like in virtual worlds, and do it all with a great sense of humor!

Together, we’ll be working to create engaging, immersive games and developing new interaction models across many different platforms to continue bringing the best VR experiences to life. There is so much more to build and learn, so stay tuned!

Owlchemy Labs was originally formed about six years ago with endeavors in creating quality games. “We learned that Owlchemy, at its core, cares deeply about a few key things: building quality multi-platform games, solving tough problems with a small but absurdly talented team, sharing our learnings with the community, and Austin’s famous tacos,” said Owlchemy Labs on their blog post. “Now, as we look to the future with Google by our side, we couldn’t be happier. Our plan to build awesome things will continue forward stronger than ever.”

We look forward to seeing many more creative VR games in the near future from Owlchemy Labs!

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  1. Good for you guys!. Congrats. You deserve this. Can’t wait to see what you develop with Google by your side.


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