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Oculus Medium: Autumn Harvest Update Released

Oculus Medium: Autumn Harvest Update Released

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Oculus has released a new update to their Medium VR app where users are able to create and sculpt 3D art in the virtual space. With OC4 starting tomorrow, Oculus has been hard at work in pumping out new content and updates.

The new update is called Oculus Medium: Autumn Harvest where you’ll see a plethora of updates. Below are the new features:

  • Easier than ever to get started in Medium, and level up your skills
    • New “Learn” page: https://www.oculus.com/medium/learn/ with 2D tutorials. Watch the videos in your browser, or download them directly into your Tutorials library in Medium. We’re launching with eight Basics videos, but will regularly update with new Tutorials, from beginner to advanced, with instructors from the Medium team and artists like Gio Nakpil and Dom Qwek.
    • Robust in-context video tooltips: hover on any part of the UI and text with accompanying looping videos will pop up to describe how to use the feature
    • New, updated User Manual: Visit this link to check out the newest User Manual PDF
  • Steady Stroke
    • Use lazy mouse to control a smoothed stroke, and remove the high frequency and jitter that comes from drawing with your hand in the air
    • Works with clay tool, paint tool, inflate tool, and smooth tool
  • Tool applicator editing
    • Instead of tumbling your stamp, detach your applicator from your tool and reapply to hold your tool in the most intuitive way for your sculpting
    • Works with clay tool, paint tool in brush mode, swirl tool, and move tool by moving your Tool hand thumbstick to the left or right, and releasing to reapply. Press the reset button to go back to your tool’s default.
  • Movable dialogs
    • Squeeze the grip while close to tool settings, manipulation menus, and active layer settings to move the dialog and have it persist
    • The dialog will disappear when you hover away from it. It will respawn in its original location.
  • Added tapered capsule used for swept sphere strokes
    • If you feather with the trigger or use taper, it more smoothly comes in and out instead of as ridges

Oculus has also patched some bugs to make Oculus Medium a better experience. Below is a list of changes you’ll see to fix some previous issues:

  • Fixed a bug around sculpts jumping in place after manipulating.
  • Fixed an infinite loading bug around using the move tool as your alt tool.
  • Fixed a rare bug that overwrote existing saves with 0kb sculpt saves.
  • Fixed two crashes around watching a VR recording that opened the home screen and had a reference mesh in the scene.
  • Fixed a UI inconsistency that had to do with tutorial duration showing in seconds – changed to minutes.
  • Improved save and export time.

Oculus Medium is a combination of entertainment and creativity where you and your friends can hang out and create works of art in VR. Objects created on Medium can also be exported in various file types for you to 3D print if you so wish.

You can download Oculus Medium today for $29.99.

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