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Oculus Go Set To Perform Better Than The Galaxy S7 But Not The S8 Or S9

Oculus Go Set To Perform Better Than The Galaxy S7 But Not The S8 Or S9

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Back in January we discovered that the Oculus Go headsets were being shipped around to developers for them to try out and develop content. We discovered that the headsets will be loaded with 32GB of storage along with what seems to be pre-loaded content. Now, we’ve discovered how the new 3DoF headset will compare versus the Samsung Gear VR compatible phones.

In a recent tweet by Oculus CTO John Carmack, he stated that the Oculus Go headset will perform better than the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone that’s compatible to the Gear VR.

In January during CES, Oculus addressed that the Oculus Go will come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip to power the new 3DoF VR headset. This is comparable to the Snapdragon 820 chip that’s on board the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

However, it won’t quite reach the performance levels that’s on board the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the newly announced S9 smartphones. On board the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone is the Snapdragon 835 which is significantly more powerful than the 820 or the 821. In fact, the Galaxy S8 is more comparable to the HTC Vive Focus which uses the same chip.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have even more power with the new Snapdragon 845 chip which is said to run 120 FPS for VR and deliver 4K content. In addition, the Galaxy S8 and S9 both have AMOLED displays while the Oculus Go will probably use the standard LCD display.

But Oculus Go was never intended to be the premium flagship HMD for the company. Rather, it is aimed to be a grab-and-go type of headset that delivers an immersive 3DoF experience at a low price point of $199. The new flagship model will be the Santa Cruz with 6DoF which is also making its rounds with the developers right now.

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  1. Can we expect Oculus Go to perform better than S8/S9 in the sense that the phones will have other non-VR related applications and processes running in the background, while the Oculus Go’s chip will be dedicated to your VR experience?

  2. The new flagship model is not Santa Cruz.

    Santa Cruz is another mobile standalone device, but with positional tracking and controllers. Very much like a higher resolution, but significantly lower powered portable standalone Rift .

    Its a huge deal, very exciting. It’ll be amazing, but its not the flagship like the Rift.

    PC VR will always be the cuttinc egde, and there is a Rift 2 on the way besides mobile. It will be far more advanced.

    Satna Cruz is the mobile headset we’re all waiting for though.


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