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Oculus Connect 4: What To Expect On October 11 – 12

Oculus Connect 4: What To Expect On October 11 – 12

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Oculus has achieved a lot since their last Oculus Connect event. They’ve released new motion sensor controllers (Oculus Touch), launched exclusive VR titles (Lone Echo and Robo Recall), and even cut down their Rift bundle price to $399 (during their summer sale program). While they’ve achieved a lot in this short period of time, Oculus wants you to know that this is only the beginning.

On October 11 and 12 during their Oculus Connect 4 event, they’ll be providing us with even more exciting news that’s likely to polarize the industry. We’ll be hearing from some of the thought leaders in the VR industry on the future of VR and some of the ongoing projects that Oculus has cooking up.

Below are some of the speakers and events:

  • Building for a Global VR Audience
    The top things to know about making your content successful for a global audience, including insights on user habits in specific regions. This lightning talk will dedicate 15 minutes to mobile and 15 minutes to PC.
    Featuring Dan Morris, Head of Store


  • From New Project to Social VR in 30 minutes
    Social interactions are some of the most compelling and exciting experiences in VR. This workshop will show you how to leverage existing tools in the Oculus PC, Platform, and Avatar SDKs to get a social VR testbed up and running in Unity in no time.
    Featuring John Bartkiw, Head of Platform, Development Engineering


  • John Carmack’s App Critiques
    In this annual, off-the-cuff live presentation, Carmack provides unfiltered feedback on everything from design to performance as the app is simultaneously streamed for the audience.
    Featuring John Carmack, Chief Technology Officer


  • Making Content Discoverable: Explore, Events, Search, and More
    What’s Oculus doing to make developer content discoverable? This presentation will provide an overview of Explore, Search, Events, and all the tools we use to match people to content they’ll like and get your app to the right audience.
    Featuring Shirley Ai, Product Manager and Christina Womack, Product Manager


  • Mixed Reality Capture on Rift
    We’ll demo how to use the Rift SDK’s new mixed reality capture support, which includes a tracked camera, proper in-game lighting, and more. We’ll also walk you through how to add mixed reality capture to your Unity, UE4, or native app.
    Featuring Sim Dietrich, Rift Mixed Reality Tech Lead; Brian Sharp, Lead, Oculus Medium; andXiang Wei, Software Engineer


  • VR Esports: The Future of Competitive Gaming
    With its ability to revolutionize esports, VR could represent the final apex of gaming and spectatorship. Leaders from across the industry will discuss VR’s role in the industry and its effect on games, players, and fans—today and in the future.
    Featuring Christopher McKelvy, Partnerships and Head of Esports


  • What’s Working in Mobile Games
    An industry vet with a career spanning Activision, PlayStation, and Kixeye, Oculus Producer Rade Stojsavljevic will be joined by speakers from Turtle Rock and Coatsink to provide an in-depth look at the state of mobile VR gaming.
    Featuring Rade Stojsavljevic, Producer

Last year, we saw and heard so much from the event like the wonderful keynote speech that Michael Abrash, Oculus Chieft Scientist, delivered. We’re excited to see what’s in store for this year. Applications to attend are open for a limited time—click here to apply.

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